A Toast To Black Excellence

A Toast To Black Excellence

(All photos included in this blog are courtesy of Kai Bryd)

This past week our CKO Melissa Chanel had a front-row seat to black excellence on display. The Black Excellence Brunch partnered with Nike and the Nike Black Employee Network for Juneteenth to commemorate the freedom of the holiday and honor the excellence of leaders at Nike. Black Excellence Brunch founder Trell hosted the brunch in the Serena Williams building at Nike world headquarters in Oregon.


We couldn’t imagine a better location for this brunch than the new and beautiful Serena Williams building. The SW building honors the legacy of Serena and is an example of what it means to break barriers and follow through with your dreams and goals. Juneteenth is a day of celebration for black people, a day to honor and reflect on the journey of our ancestors and recognize the presence of their excellence within us. Being in the space of a building that honors that same legacy created a breathtaking experience. When asked about her experience Melissa says, “The Serena Williams building is breathtaking, and I could only imagine the parts that I didn’t see! Being among such greatness left me inspired.”



Black Excellence is 100% at Nike! This brunch placed Nike employees and local Portland community small business owners in the spotlight. The DEI and Nike Employee Network are next level, and more businesses need to take notes from the work they’re doing!



The conversation with Marcus Rashford was both entertaining and inspiring. It was great to learn about his upbringing and how he helps those in need! He’s such a young athlete, but his mindset will take him far!



Black Excellence Brunch is a cultural movement that embodies the beauty of black excellence that lives in every one of us by celebrating our community, honoring our leaders, and empowering black-owned brands. The work is impactful and necessary!


“It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you come from, if you have dreams and goals, that’s all that matters.” -Serena Williams


Remember, your past doesn’t define you; your struggles and failures are not an indicator of your excellence. Constant adaptation, innovation, and vigilance in the presence of barriers and challenges is what makes you excellent! 

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