March 26th Is a Global Sneaker Holiday: "Air Max Day"

Written by: Kicks & Fros Staff



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From Vapormaxes to the 720's and the classic 95’s, it’s safe to say that the Nike Air Max sneaker is a monumental staple in our  sneaker community !  Almost every sneakerhead has at least 1 pair in their collection. When it comes to the Air Max, Nike takes “sneaker science” VERY seriously and has a reputation for finding innovative ways to revolutionize air technology with every new silhouette.“Air technology” was first  included in the release of the Nike Tailwind in 1979.  

Upon realizing that consumers may not fully understand the new sneaker cushioning technology, a Nike sneaker designer named Tinker Hatfield had an idea that would change the game forever. With inspiration from the Centre Pompidou building in Paris, Hatfield loved the “inside-out” architecture aesthetic and wanted to make the sneaker’s air technology “visible” to sneaker buyers. 

On March 26th, 1987,  Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 1 was released for the very first time. Being the first of its kind, the Air Max 1 was the only sneaker with a translucent bubble sole showing the air bag unit. It became one of the most iconic sneaker designs in history!

The influence that the Air Max has had on sports, culture, and globally, is nothing short of legendary. In 2014, Nike paid homage to the Air max 1 by re-releasing  a limited edition version with a “3.26” on the tongue and a   new color midsole. Simultaneously , Nike encouraged Air Max enthusiasts from all over the world to share stories , photos, and videos of their favorite Air Maxes to commemorate its “3.26” anniversary. This was later named, “AIR MAX DAY” and  since then, we have been celebrating the rich heritage of the AIR MAX sneaker ever since! 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we caught up with some  amazing women in the sneaker community to see what their favorite Air Max sneaker is and why : 


“My favourite air max of all time is the Air Max 1 Atmos Animal Pack 2.0. It's a favourite of mine because it's bold with its different textures and prints, confident and fun — all the qualities that I love to embody. This sneaker was also one of the few times I got up super early and waited in line to have. Surprisingly, I was the first one in line,.. and later learned that the release at the store was a one-size run. I felt super lucky to be able to purchase it! It's a great story and memory to tell when it comes to these sneakers.” - @SimplyKiah


“Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon is my favorite pair because of the nostalgic element that it represents and the memories that come with it. I remember being in 2nd grade when they first came out and seeing them on someone at school. They left an imprint that I needed one of the silhouettes that made Air Maxes so fly, and it was full circle when I went to Champs in between classes and copped them senior year of college in 2010.” -@Simsity


“My favorite air max silhouette is an air max 95 and my favorite color way is the metallic gold. The 95 is such a classic silhouette and such a huge nod to my childhood. Its culture!! ” -@Solelyaboutnyyyy



“My favorite air max is the air max 270 react. The silhouette is so simplistic and comfy but the multiple colorways I’ve seen with this shoe is amazing. As someone who lets my style do the talking, the 270 helps do that. This one was by Liz Beecroft. A shoe that brings awareness to mental health. It was super limited. I love the colors and the special Nike Check. Definitely  a conversation starter.” -@Essiegolden




“My favorite Air Max is the Air Max 90, Volt 2012. The Air Max 90 was my first air max that I bought with my earnings from my high school job, they were all white. I’ve always been a fan of the bubble or shall I say the air cushioning under the heel; I feel like the brighter the color, the more the bubble stands out that creates a cool visual. They are super comfortable to me and are easy to style with athletic attire. The Volt colorway is my favorite because I have a customized backpack that matches it from the University of Oregon, which is my alma mater.” -@chelek_williams 



“So my favorite air max it’s hard to choose between the 95 and 1. The air max 1 because it’s the first air max I ever got as a kid. I felt so official, lol. It’s comfortable and just an overall classic so I was excited when the big bubble came back. The 95s because that’s the air max I remember having the community in a frenzy, my auntie actually brought me a matching pair so I loved that.” - @notyouraveragejane_


Nike celebrated last year's “ Air Max Day”  with the release of the Air Max 1 86’ “ Big Bubble” and it sent everyone in a frenzy ! This year,  we can look forward to the Air Max 1 86’ “ Royal'' being released on Air Max Day! I think the big question is, are you copping or what ?! 

Air Max Day is a celebration of innovation, legacy, and unity. It is the one holiday that pays homage to the sneaker creativity of past, acknowledges the sneaker creativity that we have at this point in time and provides excitement for all of the “kick” creativity that is to come in our future! Take some time today , look at your Air Max collection and marvel at the fact that you are witnessing and are a part of sneaker history in the making! 


XOXO, Jackie E.