Celebrating Nike AirMax Day 2022: 35 Years of Legendary Designs

Celebrating Nike AirMax Day 2022: 35 Years of Legendary Designs

It’s a classic sneaker’s birthday! The day that sneaker lovers worldwide wait in anticipation for is here, Happy AirMax Day! 

Obsession with the design started back in 1987 when Nike first released the AirMax 1. In 2014 the legendary sneaker design was given its own day, solidifying the continued success of the sneaker we know and love. Now when March 26th hits, you can choose to celebrate by rocking kicks from your personal collection or selecting one of Nike’s new releases to add to your rotation (that’s your business, and we support the celebration either way).  

Let’s be real, there’s not much we don’t love about the classic AirMax design, but the infamous Air Max cushioning is the detail we’ve come to love the most. The visible window in the shoe’s heel is one of the sneaker’s signature elements and was featured on the original Air Max 1. 

I don’t know about yall, but we celebrate birthdays all month over here (and so does Nike). The brand will be releasing new AirMax styles through March 31st, so get your sneaker money ready! What makes AirMax Day 2022 special is that it commemorates the 35th anniversary of the original AirMax 1, so it only makes sense that it’s receiving some special attention this year with a trio of region-exclusive releases hitting the market. 

Get into some of our top picks for today!

Nike AirMax 1 ‘Blueprint

Concepts x Nike Air Max 1 SP ‘Far Out’ 


Nike AirMax Dawn 

Nike AirMax 90 SE

Nike AirMax 97 


Nothing quite compares to Nike AirMax and it's because over the last three decades the designs continue to serve range and versatility, from waffle outsoles and bright colorways to rainbow stitching and stitched overlays there’s something for every style and occasion. Every iteration of the sneaker tells a story!


What part of your story will be told as you rock your AirMax today? Fire up the kick cam and don’t forget to tag us in your pics! 


- Brittany Brown

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