If I Can't Wear Sneakers I'm Not Going: Tips For Styling Your Kicks For Valentine's Day

If I Can't Wear Sneakers I'm Not Going: Tips For Styling Your Kicks For Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is typically a holiday that stirs up a lot of mixed emotions—partially because of the unspoken pressure to find something to do and someone special to do it with. But the days of Valentine’s Day being reserved for lovers only are over. Love Day is about celebrating the presence of love in your life in whatever form (especially self-love) it comes in. So regardless of whether you are boo’d up or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, look at this holiday as an excuse to indulge in a little self-care and celebrate all the relationships that pour into you. 

For the girls who feel like, ‘I don't care how I’m spending V-Day this year, if I can’t wear sneakers I'm not going,’ I hear you and I’m here to help! Dressing up on Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to feel special, sexy, and bold. Unsure how to do that while staying true to your inner sneakerhead? I promise, it’s easier than you think. We share tons of inspiration on the Kicks & Fros Instagram page, so make sure you follow us! Now let’s jump into a few ways to rock your kicks this V-Day. 


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Little Black Dress: Who says you have to stick to classic V-day pink and red? A Little Black Dress has never missed the mark and chances are you already have one in your closet ready to go. There’s no standard dress style when it comes to a LBD so find one that accentuates your body the best, and you’ll do no wrong (it’s an iconic look for a reason)! When it comes to pairing a LBD with sneakers try Converse Run Star or Nike Sacai x LDWaffle. AirMax 97’s are also a nice, structured sneaker to wear with dresses! They’re a fave of mine. 


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The LBD + kicks combo is perfect for a late-night vibe, just add tights and socks for an extra layer of warmth. Pull in some color with a bold lip color, and you're ready for whatever the night brings.


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Suits: Okay, y’all. Are you ready to be a BOSS and turn heads? A suit. Yep, I said it! A suit paired with cool kicks is the perfect look for going out with your Galentines! Wherever you go, I promise you’ll be a head-turner and show-stopper. My favorite suits come from Zara or (wait for it…) Target, and I give it a whole new look with graphic tees, crop top, turtle neck, or hell, most of the time, no shirt at all *wink*. And for those who may want to skip the usual pink and red, go for any color you want.


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Personally, a great sneaker style to rock with a suit is a pair of Nike Outburst. Don’t believe me? Check out my Instagram, I do it all the time. I’ve been living in Jordan 1’s and 3’s these days and would 100% rock them with a suit too.


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Classic Pink or Red Dress: Grab a feminine long sleeve dress, it can be floral, striped or even animal print–it’s all about keeping your look feminine, but relaxed. Get ready to hit brunch with your girls or take yourself out on a solo lunch date. With this look you can keep it feminine while showing impeccable style in kicks. H&M and ASOS have tons of options for cold weather dresses. When it comes to styling, Nike Cortez are a classic shoe that will take your feminine outfit to the next level. 


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Feeling festive? Comme Des Garcons x Converse are the perfect sneaker for any Valentine’s Day outfit! 


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Button Down: If you prefer to play it casual a button down shirt is your go-to piece! The versatility of a button down is truly unmatched, it can be worn under a sweater, tucked, tied or off the shoulder. I love rocking pleated skirts with sneakers–so tucking in a button down and layering it with a sweater delivers all the cutesy V-day vibes and feels mature without being overly sweet. For this look, any sneaker goes…Air Force Ones, AirMax 180s, Converse, Adidas, the list goes on! 


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You can also pair a button down with leggings or sweatpants for an effortlessly casual look. 


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Leather Pants: Last, but CERTAINLY not least… are Leather pants. I pair them with a turtleneck or crew neck sweatshirt, and cardigans. Don't be afraid to play up the colorway of your sneakers by adding accessories in similar or complementing colors. This V-Day look is a BOLD one. Going on an adventure date in the city or dinner and a movie? You will bring the heat! Your options are open when it comes to a sneaker pairing… AirMax 90s, Jordan 1’s, or Shell Toe Adidas, just have fun pulling from your collection. My fave part of styling leather pants with sneakers is that they play off each other, providing just the right blend of spicy and edgy. 


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Whatever you decide to adorn yourself with this Valentine’s Day remember that personal expression and being confident in your identity is what really makes an outfit a look

Make sure you tag Kicks & Fros if you use any of these tips to create your V-Day look! 

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