Jordan Brand is Creating Space for Women to Have a Seat

Jordan Brand is Creating Space for Women to Have a Seat


With the first iteration of Air Jordan’s being banned by the NBA for violating the league’s rules at that time, The Jordan Brand is no stranger to pushing the envelope, and it goes without saying the life and legacy of the brand speak for itself. As it continues to carve out a space for basketball culture to exist and thrive, The Jordan Brand is an intersection where athletes, creatives, musicians, stylists, and designers meet. What started with a pair of sneakers has transformed into a brand, lifestyle, and art form.

Turning the Page
Tapping into the energy that the brand’s legacy was built on, the Jordan Brand is writing the next chapter on defying the conventional, with the launch of its Global Women’s Collective. 
Not having a seat at the table means that women have had to set their own place. Despite not having the representation to see themselves, women in the sneaker industry continue to be a mirror for each other, creating communities where they can be seen and heard. This Jordan Brand initiative is seeded in that vision and births a platform that supports the optics of community over  competition.


Fortifying Leaders
At the heart of this Collective are 29 women from cultural epicenters around the world, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, and Paris. These women were chosen to participate in this initiative because their work echoes the ethos of the Jordan Brand and illuminates their mission to evolve representation, reestablish power, and redefine legacy. 
The challenges women face in the sneaker industry run deep as it continues to be male-dominated. The community that this initiative will foster is the true measure of growth, proving that there is absolutely room at the table for all women. 


Redistributing Opportunities 
Jordan Brand is not about reactive change, passing the pen to women who continue to challenge the status quo with their influence, design, and style. There has been a call for equity and inclusivity that many have answered with campaigns and collections; however, this Collective extends the life of equity and inclusion efforts and serves as an incubator for change that is sustainable and long-term. 


Building a Legacy That Feeds the Next Generation
Over six months, while working to reestablish what the Jumpman logo stands for, the members will receive grants and participate in retreats, dinners, events, and panels that will foster relationships, encourage dialogue and strengthen leadership skills. Each year, the members of the Collective will have the opportunity to pass the torch to the next generation of female leaders, creating a network of social advancement and equity. 
The table just got bigger and the time for women to EAT is now, prepare to be fulfilled! 
- Brittany Brown
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This is super dope congrats K&F on this great opportunity. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the for the city of Charlotte. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Tasia C aka Random_laces

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