Jordan Brand & Women Representation: Q&A w/ Our Community

Jordan Brand & Women Representation: Q&A w/ Our Community

So far, 2022 has given us quite a few Jordan Brand releases and a range of collaborations with brands and artists, such as A Ma Maniere, J Balvin, Union, Maison Chateau Rouge, Nina Chanel, and more. As 2023 draws near, we’re seeing a glimpse of what’s to come from the six-time NBA Champion’s namesake brand. As expected, Jordan Brand has released a handful of Air Jordan 1s, a variety of Jordan 3 colorways, and more Jordan 2s than ever before. We are also getting the chance to get our hands on a pair of Air Jordan 14s, which have been under the radar since Aleali May’s 2021 drop. 

Kicks & Fros recently took to our community for their thoughts on what Jordan Brand has done well this year. Henny, Tiona Deniece, Bianca, and Mo chatted with us about the brand's women-specific collaborations and exclusives, what they are looking forward to from the Spring/Summer 2023 lineup, and silhouettes they would like to see back in the forefront.

Meet the ladies

From left to right: Henny, buyer for Stashed; Mo, founder of @oursoles; Bianca, host of #SneakerSunday; Tiona Deniece, singer/ songwriter


In your opinion, how well is the Jordan Brand 2022 women’s category doing thus far?

Tiona: I think this year we’ve had a lot of great women’s shoes. I love the stories and the thought behind the women they chose to collaborate with! I’ve seen the men get jealous, which I’m always here for! I also really love the apparel –  like Nina Chanel’s collection, for example. The pieces were well put together and the quality… chef's kiss! I’m still mad about not being able to grab a few pieces!

Bianca: Jordan Brand has given women more options this year. I’m happy to see that they’re steering away from the “shrink it and pink it” model. They’ve expanded the variety of colorways, along with a range of classic and reimagined silhouettes.

Henny: So far, I’m impressed with Jordan Womens. I notice that they’re taking our feedback seriously. I would like to see more women in campaigns, focus groups, seedings and activations. I’d also like to see better rollouts and better storytelling in these collaboration drops. A lot of amazing products were released this year, however, I expected them to do better than they did.

Mo:  I feel like Jordan Brand is firing on all cylinders when it comes to creating more inclusivity for women. Women’s Jordan sneakers, apparel, and collaborations have been refreshing thus far. I also think they are doing the work by having more women’s exclusive releases and creating spaces for us to thrive under the operation of the brand. The Jordan Women’s team is attentive and sharp. They are shaping the culture. We now have apparel tailored for all bodies, sneakers designed and released in women’s sizes, and the SNKRS live segment ‘In Forum’ that I am so grateful to have been a part of. In a nutshell, it feels like they’re listening very well.

This year, were there any women collaborations you were excited about? Did you get a chance to cop any, such as Bephie’s Air Jordan 7 and Nina Chanel’s Air Jordan 2s?

Bianca: I hate to say it, but there weren’t any collaborations that drew me in this year. There were different things that I loved. Bephie’s AJ7 campaign visuals were breathtaking. Nina Chanel’s detailed packaging and merch were really dope. When it came to the actual sneakers, they just weren’t something I felt I needed.

Tiona: I was super excited about both collabs because they were women of color and the shoes slapped! I loved the different silhouettes as well. Nina Chanel is my favorite of the two because the simplicity and timelessness of the design and color palate. I also loved the colors and the design of the Air Jordan 7 collab with Bephie. I’m looking forward to the AJ1 Denim, “Around The Way Girl,”  too. I’m hopeful that the campaign around the release will be true to the shoe’s origin story and we’ll see women of color in the campaign.

Henny: I was excited about both the Bephies & Ninas; I purchased both [because] I admire both women. I just hate that those collections didn’t get the love they deserved.

Mo: I was fortunate enough to cop both pairs of Nina Chanel 2s. That meant a lot to me! A Black queer woman collaborated with the Mecca of footwear brands to create a very special lineup of pieces and sneakers. It was a no-brainer! After I copped, I met Nina Chanel in person at a Jordan Brand party! Her energy was radiant. It was really the highlight of my year! Unfortunately, I got an L on both BBS 7s. But I really wanted them!

Are there any Summer 2023 releases you can’t wait to get your hands on?

Henny: Yes! The 1s, 14s, & 3s. 

Tiona: You already know I’m a Jordan 1 girl so I’m impatiently but patiently waiting for the “Washed Pink” AJ1 to drop. Those are a must-have for me! I also think the AJ3 “Wizards” might be pretty good. It’s not a True Blue, but it’s close so that might be a cop for me.

Mo: I’m excited for the Lucky Green 1s! I’m such a green type of girl and I feel like these will be a  versatile pair to add to my collection! Those cherrywood 2s are clean. The deeper tone of the red in those feels elegant, and lows in the summer are so necessary. The Wizards 3s, I gotta have ‘em! What a time in MJ's career. Based on the history alone, these are a must-cop. In my opinion, the 3s are the most comfortable silhouette next to 5s. And lastly, I have to give it to the Toro Bravo 6s! I love any silhouette in the Toro Bravo colorway and these are the closest I’ll ever get to the Toro Bravo 4s!

Bianca: The summer 2023 lineup is lackluster for me. There were a lot of the same colorways –  some reversed or on a different silhouette. I’m hoping that they are cooking up something for later in the year.


What silhouettes do you want to see come back in Summer 2023?

Mo:  While I appreciate the Laney colorway on the 14s, it’s time for a Black Toe 14 retro! Also, Aqua 8s! Bring those back ASAP. Those colors are perfect for summer.

Tiona: I’m always a fan of a Jordan 1, but I’m slowly becoming more of an AJ4 lover. Additionally, it would be nice to see the True Blue AJ3 come back – that would have been dope. I also would love to see what Aleali May would do with a Jordan 3. It might be too late for that in Summer 2023, but a girl can dream!

Henny: The Jordan 17! I want them to give us the briefcase as well.

Bianca: Jordan 9 – specifically the Penny Orlando Magic PE. I would love to see it as a general release.

What do you think will be Jordan Brand’s sneaker of the year?

Tiona: Great question. I still feel like it’s a little early to tell. But overall, this has been the year of the Jordan 2! love the A Maniere X Jordan collab. I think it was excellently put together; from the materials down to the campaign. I also really love the Jordan x Maison Château Rouge! The materials and colorway were so dope down to the insoles!

Henny: I’m going to say the Chicago reimagined Jordan 1.

Bianca: The “Around the way girl”/ “denim” AJ1 is the best JB release this year. I love that it's not a collab, it’s just a dope concept. Such a simple shoe – denim and white. It's a pair you can play with, dress it up or down, distress, dye. There are so many ways to express yourself with this pair. I would have loved to see a campaign roll out for this pair.

Mo:  In 2022, I think either the Chicago 2s or the Reimagined 1s will claim that title! Based on what I’m seeing for 2023, my money is on the Wizards 3s. Even though I’m sure we will get quite a few more surprises next year, that’s my ‘way too early to predict’ prediction!



The undefeated shifters of culture and style are women —  just take a look at your social platforms. Who’s better to create for women than a women’s team? Jordan Brand has a dedicated group that keeps their ears to the street and their finger on the pulse of what’s new and bubbling. By being observant and doing the groundwork, the brand has worked with the likes of Teyana Taylor, who debuted Jordan Women’s first collection in 2020, Bephie Gibbs of Union, and renowned artists such as Nina Chanel. However, some of the collaborations have slightly missed the mark for women, whether it was price point or the overall narrative. 

As we look forward to the future of the brand's upcoming releases, there are mixed feelings about what’s to come. Although the sneaker community is starting to have a bit of the Jordan 1 fatigue, there are still a  few silhouettes coming back that our group would like to see the return of, like the Aqua 8s, True Blue 3s, and the Jordan 17 along with the briefcase. They are also extremely excited for the upcoming “Around The Way Girl” Air Jordan 1. While there has been a ton of growth over the course of the years for women, there is still work to be done and these ladies are helping shape the narrative of sneakers every day by showing up, using their voices, and uplifting the community.


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