Kicks Over Brunch Recap: Atlanta, GA Edition!

Kicks Over Brunch Recap: Atlanta, GA Edition!

Sisterhood. Community. Sneakers. Kicks and Fros has always embodied that mantra, and it made perfect sense when Mel decided to take us all out to brunch. Celebrating sisterhood is all about getting together and connecting with the various communities that love Kicks and Fros. Last month the team did their first “Kicks Over Brunch” in Richmond, VA. While I was looking through the various IG stories, I got excited, not only did I see smiling faces, but I loved the fly sneakers, fits, and of course, good looking food (you know how I feel about food-completely here for it).



When Mel reached out to let me know they were coming to the A I got hype again, not just because of the food, but because we needed an opportunity for all of us to get together. A chance to celebrate being healthy, talk kicks, have a good time, and celebrate each other. 
 I had never been to Breakfast at Barney’s, and when I walked into the party I was in awe of how beautiful the restaurant was and how inviting and professional the restaurant staff was. As the ladies started trickling in, I fell in love with the decor. I’ve always been a fan of fresh flowers, and the K & F team did such a great job of adorning the table and backdrops with beautiful white flowers. After introductions, the staff started bringing out the appetizers and OMG the food was better than I expected, I was even more intrigued and impatient for the main courses.



 As we all placed our orders and waited for their arrival, I walked around to take pictures and catch up with some new and familiar faces. The great thing about sisterhood is that even though you don’t see or talk to each other every day, you can always pick up right where you left off and it feels like no time has passed.
As we smiled and took our official “Kick Cam” pics, you can tell that everyone brought out the sneaker heat. I saw a few pairs of New Balance, the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3’s, and some J’s, and the fits were just as fly as the kicks.  You can tell the time and care everyone took to make sure that the A was represented well.



 As we sat down to eat, the room became silent because the food was just that good. I had the chicken and waffles and I was not disappointed, but no lie I was full. As the mimosas were poured into the glasses, we made a toast to our community to keep buying more sneakers-no closet left behind!



I can’t forget the gift bags! The team gave us some goodies and they were so cute! Kicks over Brunch is also sponsored by Cantu Beauty, so we were gifted Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream and the Hydrating Cream Conditioner (which I can’t wait to use).  We also received some really cute K & F socks, (which I’m wearing as I’m writing this), a key chain, and a coffee mug that says “I make kick contact before eye contact” all packaged inside a really adorable Kicks and Fros sneaker bag.



I think one of my favorite moments from the brunch was the game we played after brunch. It was a sneaker-focused “Never have I ever” and you could hear the laughter resonate through the building as Mel yelled out, “Never have I ever took an L from SNKRS app!” 



- Tiona Deniece

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