Kicks Over Brunch Recap: Houston, TX Edition!

Kicks Over Brunch Recap: Houston, TX Edition!

Do you know the saying ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’? Well, Kicks & Fros clearly does! When K&F brought Kicks Over Brunch to Houston, Melissa invited a big group of women, with even bigger personalities out to Bloom & Bee, located inside the pristine Post Oak Hotel. And listen, we had a ball! We were greeted at the door with mimosas and hugs and began to partake in the festivities. Some of us had never met outside of Instagram, but it felt like a family reunion! We talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other so much that we ran over the allotted time!

The girls came dressed in the flyest fits and don’t let me get started on the feet heat! I'm so glad there was a fire extinguisher nearby because, whew! Everywhere I turned, I was faced with the sneakers that I had taken Ls on and I definitely felt some type of way! From the Nike Blazer, Jordan 1 and Yeezy 350, to the Sacai LD Waffle, Safari Dunks, and the all-time classic Air Max 1, I can confidently say we understood the assignment. 

Once we were all seated, Melissa formally introduced herself and gave us the tea on her Kicks & Fros journey, which began over 5 years ago. She also shared how proud she was of the growth of the K&F community. We then went around the table and introduced ourselves and shared our sneaker stories as we toasted hibiscus margaritas, sangrias, and various other cocktails from the perfect drink menu. Then, we indulged in a 3-course meal fit for the Queens that filled up the seats of our poolside table. And finally, ended with delectable desserts (which I saw over and over again in reels and photos on IG).

The ambiance embodied Black Girl Magic to the fullest. The florals, sneaker candles, and personalized name plates had us feeling right at home. The K&F team did that! We all took turns taking photos in front of the Kicks Over Brunch greenery backdrop and the Kick Cam spot which ensured the perfect Instagram shot. Before I knew it, the cameras were flashing, the drinks were flowing, and we were hitting the ‘Southside’ in true HTX fashion!

This was a wonderful opportunity to network with a diverse group of women - from entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and executives. We all learned that when titles are out the window, our love for sneakers is what will always bring us together. As our short time drew to an end, each of us received goodie bags filled with everything we deserve; Cantu Products, K&F socks, a coffee mug to add to the collection, and the infamous KICKAHOLIC key chain. Oh, and K&F also hooked us up with Kicks & Fros champagne flutes to take home!

cc: @keilabekillingit

Before we concluded, it was time to give out the prize for the flyest kicks. I was lit to find out it was me and my trusty Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1s for the win! I can’t wait to wear my exclusive Kicks & Fros necklace and blazers to the next event.

When it comes to sisterhood, community, and sneakers K&F has been putting on for quite some time now. Kicks over Brunch made big ole Houston feel smaller and more connected and I felt honored to be one of the ladies in the place with style and grace! 

Thank you Kicks & Fros. Y’all come back any time! 

With love from Houston, 

Mo (@mobumbbbaaa)

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This is awesome! I’m a 50 yr old sneaker head and it’s so nice to see more Denali women of color living their sneakers!! Make a trip to Nashville

Roni McGregory

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