Puma x Kicks & Fros Presents: Just Kickin’ It

Puma x Kicks & Fros Presents: Just Kickin’ It


Earlier this month, The Athlete’s Foot partnered with Puma and Kicks & Fros to celebrate Women’s History Month. The celebration was held at The Athlete’s Foot at Southpark Mall in Charlotte, NC and was hosted by none other than Kicks & Fros CKO, Melissa Chanel


DJ Fannie Mae set the vibe by providing us with tunes that honestly made us forget we weren’t at the club. As we vibed out, we snapped pics at the photo booth and at the selfie shoe cam. All while sipping on delicious mocktails by Get Mixed with Jayme and snacking on cookies provided by Reid + Co. Cookies


The first 50 guests to arrive received a swag bag full of goodies. Guests received a Puma towel, a t-shirt, a water bottle, face masks, and Cantu Beauty hair products in their bags. The bag and the t-shirt were designed by none other than Charlotte’s own Artist, Passion Burnell aka _artdealher



The gift giving didn’t stop there though, one lucky guest took home the title of “Hottest Kicks” and the prize was a Puma bag filled with more goodies. Two more guests were also able to go sneaker shopping with Melissa Chanel live and in person!


As the mixer winded down, guests moved directly outside of the store for the panel discussion. Melissa sat down with Sneaker Customizer, Destiny Wilson, Content Creator/Storyteller, Kiara Arnold, and Entrepreneur/Designer/Community Leader, Davita Galloway for a very powerful discussion on female empowerment and entrepreneurship within the sneaker community.






So many gems were dropped during the panel discussion. The ladies shared how they fell in love with sneakers and when it's time to throw away a pair of kicks. In case you are wondering, the general consensus was that kicks are to be worn into the ground unless they are white Air Force 1’s. One should never, ever rock a pair of dirty Air Force 1’s!  
The ladies also spoke of the importance of supporting and showing up for one another. There is so much power in speaking another sister’s name in a room. As Kiara said, “Support is free.” Davita shared how support can even be as simple as telling another woman, “I see you sis.” 
All of the women on the panel are successful entrepreneurs and they spilled the tea on the one thing they can’t live without when it comes to handling their business. Kiara shared that she absolutely has to have her calendar and spoke of the importance of time blocking her schedule. Destiny spoke on the importance of having a notebook in which she can write down all of her ideas. I’m fairly certain that every guest in the audience immediately went out and purchased a notebook after leaving the event. Davita expressed that her imagination is a must have. While Melissa shared that she can’t go without her QuickBooks because it's imperative that the money is right!



It was truly a dope event and it was so amazing to see women in and around Charlotte come out in support of other women. Women literally make the world go round and we really can do it all. As Kiara said when asked about the future of women in the sneaker space, “Our future is limitless.”

~Erica Britt

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Egging I would love my husband and I do too for our 19 years wedding anniversary June 2024 to make our own shoe designs – we are in nc


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