Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

Cue Will Smith because it's Summertime ya’ll! Tis the season for day parties, cookouts, brunches, festivals, family reunions, and vacations. Regardless of what you’ll be getting into this summer you can't deny the fact that there is just something about the summer that makes everyone want to pull out their flyest kicks. 

Summer is usually when sneaker lovers swap out high tops for their comfiest low tops but there really are no rules. We believe in wearing whatever you like. Let your kicks be a reflection of your personal style and the vibrant energy that this season will inevitably bring. But if you need some inspo, don't worry we’ve got you covered! We chatted with some fly girls from our Kicks & Fros community and they shared their favorite summer kick and how they rock them. 

Ticara Devone, Host/Content Creator

“My favorite sneakers to wear in the summer are the Nike Air Force 1, it really goes with everything! You want to wear a tennis skirt? A pair of jorts? Nylon pants? The Nike Air Force 1 is the answer. The versatility of that sneaker is undefeated and to know it started off as a basketball shoe is crazy. I’ve swapped my classic all whites this summer for pairs with a pop of color. I wanted to add a little more color into my summer after coming from wearing so many dark shoes over the winter so my AF1’s with color have been seeing me. “

Ashley, Digital Creator

So this is a hard one and I have two answers. Right now, my favorite shoe is the Adidas Samba! Some people will roll their eyes because they’re trending at the moment but, in my opinion, they’re comfortable and a very versatile shoe. It’s more slim-lined so it can be dressed up or down, worn with a trouser or dress so how can you really beat that? The span of colorways/textures the sneaker is available in also makes them even more appealing. Now overall, the classic summer shoe is going to be a crisp pair of all white AF1s. They’re a classic, hands down. They’re synonymous with summer. You will never go wrong there!”

Jas Alston, Creative Director

“Air Force Ones are the perfect summer shoe for me. Highs, Mids, or Lows. It doesn’t matter. They have to be crispy though. No creases!”

Ayana Avery, Content Creator

“Favorite kicks for the summer are the Jordan 4.”

~Erica Britt

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