The Nike Blazer: K&F Challenge + Q&A w/ Melissa Chanel

The Nike Blazer: K&F Challenge + Q&A w/ Melissa Chanel

The Nike Blazer is yours to be worn, and we want to see what story your style tells!
Here are the rules:
 1. Style the Nike Blazer your way & flick it up for the gram!  
  1. Post the pic on your Instagram feed with the #YoursToBeWornChallenge in the caption, and tell us your favorite thing about styling the Nike Blazer and how they complete your look. 
  1. Don’t forget to tag @kicksandfros and @nikesportswear! Show up and show out, we will be choosing two lucky winners, to receive a pair of Nike Blazers and a Kicks & Fros prize pack!
K&F Gang, don’t forget the last day to enter is May 27th. We will announce two challenge winners on May 31st via the K&F Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter! Be on the lookout. 
Good luck! 
This blog post is in partnership with Nike Sportswear, but all opinions are our own. 
Now let's get into this Q&A with our Founder Melissa Carnegie @melissachanel to find out what keeps her reaching for the Nike Blazers!
Why is the Nike Blazer such a staple sneaker in your collection?
I just love the sleekness of the Blazer! They’re a sneaker that can go with all of your outfits from dresses and business suits to shorts or jogger sets. It’s the versatility for me, for sure! I wear a lot of hats which means my day to day can be pretty hectic, and what I love about the Nike Blazer is that they're so functional in my everyday life from hosting events and brunches to styling outfits, however many outfit changes the day brings my Blazers are going to hold me down.
As a child you spent Saturday mornings cleaning sneakers with your brother so it's not a stretch to say your love of sneakers came in a way as a family heirloom. So for someone who has been collecting sneakers for some time, are Blazers a good pair to start with when building a sneaker collection? 
Yes, for sure! The Nike Blazer is a great sneaker for anyone, whether it's the very first sneaker in your collection or one of many, you want this shoe in your closet! The classic Mid ‘77s and the Blazer Low Platforms can literally take you from day to night and everything in between! They’re lightweight and such a great base for an outfit! 

Styling the Nike Blazer? Okay Melissa, if it's one thing you know how to do, it's put a look together! Can you give us a few tips on styling them in your everyday wardrobe.   
  1. I love pairing my Blazers with long socks. Don’t sleep on the socks! A pair of socks can elevate your entire fit. Whether solid or colorful, patterned or ruffled, socks are an easy way to let more of your personal style shine through. Blazers really are a blank canvas, choose a pair of socks that will play off the sneakers’ simplicity and extend the statement of your outfit! 
  1. Try them with a dress! This styling combo is one of my favs because I like the edgy vibe Blazers bring to a typically girly look. The best part is any Blazer silhouette looks great with any kind of dress I have on. 
  1. Pairing sneakers with a suit has a special kind of hold on me (if you know, you know). When rocking them with suits go for trousers with a wider leg & reach for your Blazer Low Platform. The sleekness of the shoe does just enough and lets your suit do the talking! 
Okay, currently you have a sneaker wall anybody would envy.  How many pairs of Nike Blazers do you own? 
I own 3 pairs of Mid ‘77s and 1 pair of Blazer Low Platform! Styling them is effortless and I know regardless of the event, meeting or occasion the Blazer will pull my look together, so they’re all heavy in my rotation! The white and pink Blazer Platforms are currently in my cart lol. 
We need to know, are you a Mid ‘77 girl or are the Blazer Low Platform more your vibe and why? 
I love the classic vibe of the Mid ‘77 Blazer! But I’ve been into my Platforms lately. Lets just say The Nike Blazer Low Platform has been rising to the occasion for me! The energy they bring to my outfit is what keeps me coming back. I like how they give a different look plus I'm a shorty so the platform gives me a little height lol. 
The Nike Blazer is an iconic everyday staple, adaptable to whatever your personal fashion taste is. So whether you're like Melissa and the Blazer Low Platform are your go-to or Mid ‘77s are more your vibe, show us how the Nike Blazer is yours to be worn!  Join our challenge and be entered to win a pair of Nike Blazers and Kicks & Fros Prize Pack!
- Brittany Brown
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Love blazers 🔥‼️

Brasi Porter

I only own a pair of the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77, but I would love to have a pair of the Nike Blazer Low Platforms. The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 is definitely a classic.

Lavina Dedeaux

Great looks for the Nike Blazer!! 🔥🔥 I definitely have to add another pair to my closet!!

Nikki D

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