2023 North America Jordan Women’s Collective

2023 North America Jordan Women’s Collective

The Jordan Brand has made and continues to make it abundantly clear that they are for women in a major way. Last year, the brand launched its first ever Global Women’s Collective and now they are back with the next iteration of its North America cohort. The mission of the Collective is to amplify women and inspire community over competition. 

WNBA legend, Sheryl Swoopes shared why she feels the initiative is so important, “I think it is so important because it allows women to have a voice in a very big, popular space that is primarily dominated by men, giving women an opportunity to not only have an impact on the sneaker game, but making a difference along the way.”

Isabelle Harrison, WNBA Athlete for the Chicago Sky also shared what the initiative means to her, “I think this initiative means there can be space for us in basketball & sneaker culture. For the longest, athleisure and sneakers belonged to the men and it never was considered that women may want to wear it. Having the Jordan Women’s Collective finally puts us first and gives us the opportunity to influence the culture.”

Women play an integral role in both sneaker and basketball culture and through the Collective the Jordan Brand is ensuring that they are both encouraging and supporting women by providing them with opportunities to tell their stories. As a part of the Collective, the women will also be able to take part in exclusive experiences and activities that will undoubtedly make them even stronger forces within their communities. 

With the spirit of community at the forefront of the mission it makes perfect sense that the women from last year's Collective were able to nominate select women they felt embodied the values that capture the essence of the initiative. Values such as being authentic to basketball culture, being fearless with her craft, and commitment to her community are just some of the traits the ladies all have in common. 

Jess Sims, Peloton instructor and ESPN College Game-day Host shared her thoughts on the women that make up the Collective, “The Collective is made up of so many different women who bring such unique backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives to the table. Women are such an important driving force towards positive change in the streetwear community, and I’m happy that Jordan continues to champion and support these women to help move the culture forward to become a more inclusive space for everyone.” 

The women that make up the 2023 Jordan Women’s Collective hail from Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York - eleven trailblazers who are redefining what it means to be a part of the Jordan legacy. 

“The 2023 Jordan Women’s Collective represents the intentionality and will for progress that the Jordan Brand team leads with daily,” says Tonia Jones, Global VP and GM of Women's at Jordan Brand. “These women are incredible additions to the global Jordan Women’s Collective, and I look forward to the ways our team will jointly partner with them to continue expanding the presence and advancement of women in this industry.

K&F fam, please meet the ladies of the 2023 North America Jordan Women’s Collective! 




BIANCA RICHARDS, Licensed Esthetician, Content Creator + Social Media Manager


ELYSE COX, Mental Health Activist & Director 


JASMINE GONZALEZ, Business Strategist 


SHAYLA DIAZ, Creator of Shayz Dayz




DIVINA CORRIA, Owner & Designer of Divine Individual 


AMIRAA VEE, Fashion Stylist and Curator






ASHLEY CROWE, Nail Artist 


AYANNA HARDY-FULLER, Operations Administration

MELISSA CO, Podcaster/Sales Manager/Photographer/Community Builder 



Congratulations ladies!

~Erica Britt

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