Meet the Jordan Women's Collective: LA

Meet the Jordan Women's Collective: LA

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Jordan’s NY cohort of the Women’s Collective Program. In case you missed it, check out those ladies here. In today’s blog, we’ll be introducing you to the ladies that make up the L.A. Cohort.

So, without further ado, meet the ladies of the LA Collective:

Laci Jordan, Multidisciplinary Artist

Dimplez Ijeoma, Music Executive

Charamon Hunter, Designer

Monica Kran, Media Strategist

Alexis Quintero, Creative

Briana King, Skateboarder

Naja Crawford, Multi-Modality Creative Healer

Jourdan Kadow, Stylist

These 8 dynamic women aren’t just sitting around waiting for a seat at the table. Instead, they are passionate about creating space for themselves and other women through vigorous work in their communities. It probably goes without saying that the iconic Jordan brand has certainly been a catalyst in them doing the work and making space.


Dimplez Ijeoma notes that at this stage in her career she is creating space for women to thrive by being exactly who she needed when she was younger. She reflects on when she first started working in music, “I didn’t see anyone who looked like me. It took me years before I got a response from someone who was even willing to give me the time of day.” Now Dimplez pays it forward by participating in mentorship programs and is the resource that she didn’t have when she first started out. 

Monica Kran acknowledges that this space is male-dominated and because of this it is important for women to have allyship and real action from men. Monica puts out a call to action to men, “They are often in different rooms than us so they have the power to change things.” She credits men like Michael Jordan for doing the work to place women in spaces they usually wouldn’t exist and appreciates that we need more men to set the standard for giving women the same power and opportunities they have. 


The L.A cohort ladies recently had the opportunity to attend their retreat in Utah at the Auberge Blue Sky Resort where they had the opportunity to connect with not only each other but with themselves too. While there they were able to partake in an intimate fireside chat with Beth Gibbs who is a dedicated advocate for women in sneaker and streetwear culture as well as a mindfulness session with George Mumford. If George’s name sounds familiar it’s because he is the mindfulness and performance expert who Phil Jackson credits as being the secret weapon to winning 8 championships.

Speaking of champions, the ladies were welcomed with a one-of-a-kind immersive experience at Vivint Arena, the historic site of Michael Jordan’s infamous “flu game.” While there they were given the opportunity to participate in an open run, led by Minnesota Lynx’s own, Aerial Powers. The women were also able to take a tour of the space with some historical anecdotes from the original “flu game” announcer, Dan Roberts.

Before wrapping up the weekend the L.A. Cohort ladies got a chance to take part in a photoshoot featuring Jordan Women’s ‘Cozy Girl’ collection products. What better backdrop for a photoshoot than the breathtaking Utah landscape?
While at the retreat, memories were made, bonds were formed, and the women walked away with an even stronger sense of what allyship amongst women really means. For Charamon Hunter, allyship means sisterhood. “Building relationships and making an impact while advocating for one another. Women are powerful and so much more powerful together.” 

~Erica Britt

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